Make sure your passport is valid at least 6 months beyond the time you chose to travel.

Check the visa requirements for your destination well in advance of travel and even before you depart, as visa requirements can change at any time.
Visa requirements can be found by following the embassy link on the further information page.

Egypt is quite a cheap country when compared to many other popular tourist destinations. The following guide will give you an idea of how much money to allow for daily travel costs.
Cost in Egypt
Water - 1.5 litres
LE 3.00
Main Meal
LE 30 - 40
Taxi ride (10 minutes)
LE 7
Alcohol - 1 Beer
LE 10 - 15

Currency Exchange

Approximate current exchange rates for the Egyptian Pound (LE) are as follows (as of Dec 05 2007):

£1 GBP
LE 11.24
LE 8.10
$1 US
LE 5.55
$1 AUS
LE 4.82
$1 NZ
LE 4.27
$1 CAN
LE 5.46
LE 0.82
For up to date rates we recommend you check this website:

Tipping is a way of life in Egypt.

Everyone tips everyone, and Egyptians tip each other.

Go Tour Egypt will collect 1.7GBP or $3 US per day per person to cover tipping for services provided during the tour e.g. drivers, waiters, bell men/ porters, tour guides, hotel staff etc. We will collect the tipping kitty in advance to avoid unnecessary hassle during the tour.

Please - when you are visiting places of religious significance, both men and women should dress appropriately.

Men and women should have their legs and shoulders covered.

Be prepared for a change from your regular diet. It often takes your body a little time to adjust to the different food, water and hot weather. Therefore, bring some Imodium to stop possible diahorea and stomach pain, and a general anti-biotic.

During the hot weather we recommend that you avoid eating red meat products and choose chicken or fish instead. Regarding water, please do not drink tap water or use it for brushing teeth. Bottled water is very cheap and available everywhere. Also bring plenty of quality sunscreen, a hat and sunglasses.

Travel Insurance
Travel insurance is strongly recommended for all travellers.

Electrical Adaptors
Buy an electrical adaptor for your mobile phone, camera and other electrical equipment before you leave home, as adaptors can be difficult to find in Egypt.

Contacting Home
E-mail is the easiest way to stay in contact with family and friends, and Internet Cafés can be found either in, or close to the places we stay. Most mobile phones work in Egypt, and International phone cards are readily available for use from a public phone.

Useful words to know -
Good morning
Sabah al khaer
Good evening
Masa al khaer
Good night
Tesbah ala care
Thank you
Men fadlak
No thank you
La Shokran
How are you?
How much?
My name is ----
Ismee ----
What is your name?
Esmak ay?

Thank you!
Thank you for choosing to travel with Go Tour Egypt. We wish you a fantastic trip!

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