Responsible tourism is about preserving and sustaining the environment, nature and cultural and historical heritage. It's about getting involved with local residents and being a sensitive tourist - one who does their best to reduce negative impacts on the environment and helps conserve the world's wild and wonderful places.

Go Tour Egypt's Principles:
As said once before during an international tourism day, "We were given the earth by our parents and borrow it from our sons." Our policies aim to help minimise negative impact on the cultural and historical environment and we are operating environmentally and culturally sound trips to enhance your travel experience and help both our country and planet.

Go Tour Egypt - a local company

We are an Egyptian travel company, based in Egypt, focusing our operations on our homeland and therefore helping our country to increase it's income and develop it's economy.

We do our best to sustain our government's goals of protecting the cultural, historical and natural heritage, reducing polution and improving awareness for both foreigners and locals. Our crew is made up of almost entirely local people who were born and live here in Egypt and who dream of a sustained, healthy, fair and pure planet.

Go Tour Egypt's Goals:
* To preserve nature and the environment.
* To protect cultural and historical heritage.
* To reduce negative impact on the environment.
* To increase national and international responsible tourism awareness.

* To assist in sustaining the incomes of local people and the national economy.
* To providing job opportunities by increasing the number of visitors to Egypt.
* To improve standards of living in Egypt.

Before Coming to Egypt:
To be able to really get in touch with the Egyptian people, to be satisfied with your journey and to be able to understand the main features of Egyptian culture, here are some suggestions:

* Read up on Egyptian history, cultural resources and social life (check our Egyptian History section).

* Learn some common words such as -

Good morning
Sabah al khaer
Good evening
Masa al khaer
Tesbah ala care
Thank you
Men fadlak
No thank you
La Shokran
How are you?
How much?
My name is ----
Ismee ----
What is your name?
Esmak ay?

* Please bring appropriate clothing so that you are comfortable when visiting mosques. Both men and women should wear long trousers, and women should wear long-sleeved shirts.

* Please consider buying travel insurance.

When You Arrive in Egypt:
* Go Tour Egypt asks you to trust your tour leader on safety issues, and to follow his or her directions. All Go Tour Egypt employees are local citizens, and can help ensure that your trip is successful in every way. Egypt is a very safe country for tourists, but even crossing the street might be an adventure in Cairo!

* We advise you to drink only bottled water and to check with your tour guide about where to eat.

Egypt has distinctive and exciting food that you can find in many restaurants. Share the local heritage and create rich memories by trying such traditional foods as foul {pronounced "fool"), falafel and koshary.

If you are interested in buying souvenirs from Egypt we will guide you to the best local places. This makes sure that your money goes to local people - helping sustain local craftsmanship, communities and livelihoods.

Thank you!
Thanks for choosing Go Tour Egypt. We looking forward to helping you create a highly memorable and also worthwhile adventure.

We wish you a wonderful visit to Egypt!

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