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Go Tour Egypt is based out of Cairo, Egypt, and have been dealing with individual and group tours at all price points for more than 9 years.

We have always prided ourselves in our ability to provide the best travel experience Egypt can offer for the best and lowest prices. Our goal is to create such a great travel experience for our customers that they spread the word to friends who Go Tour Egypt too.

Right now Egypt is a very popular destination for travellers from all over the world. It's ancient and modern history is incomparable to any other country. Every year more people are learning that Egypt also has a lot to offer in terms of natural beauty, scuba diving and relaxing vacation spots.

By choosing Go Tour Egypt you are choosing a company that cares and has the experience and contacts to make your trip a guaranteed experience. We guarantee all tour departures, the only exceptions being circumstances beyond our control. We also offer you the flexibility of tailor made programs to fit your personal dream and exceed your expectations.

Egypt is an incredible country with the oldest history in the world. So many people dream of travelling and seeing its wonders. We are working hard so that any one can fulfill their dreams and Go Tour Egypt by providing the lowest possible price with the best customer service.
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